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About us

It´s not a brand

It´s a statement

During a mission in a country where women’s rights are far from given, during a phone call while Hercules – starring Lou Ferrigno – played on the camp’s TV: right then and there, the idea of [her]cules™ was born.

Over 10 years later, it was finally time to realize the dream.

Core mission

At its core, [her]cules is about giving back, getting a chance to be a part of and developing change. About praising all amazing women, no matter their training. About spreading a “sisters in strength” mindset and getting women to raise each other up and help each other out!

Our motto

[her]cules is an celebration, an anthem for all the strong and powerful women out there who know that giving up is not an option.
[her]cules is a “f**k you I do whatever I want whenever I want” statement to the rest of the world.
[her]cules is a mindset that will never wave a white flag on the way to the top.

Our goal

No matter if you train Crossfit, strongwoman, powerlifting or fitness, our goal is to support you and produce world class functional athletic wear. To offer workout clothes that help you reach your goals – whether those are to reach the global elite or just to set your own new PR´s!


Human rights & our planet

Human rights and our planet are things we cherish a lot. We don´t tolerate child labor and the producers we employ must follow both the UN and local government guidelines. Our producers must also work actively to continuously improve their environmental impact.

What we do

We choose our partners and factories with care and ensure that all manufacturing takes place under the right conditions. We priorities this work to protect people, animals and nature – today and for future generations.

we help

Our goal is to donate funds every year to organizations that work for women’s and / or children’s rights.



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