Hook Grip & Weightlifting Tape, Pink 3-pack


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  • Superb adhesive
  • Stays in place throughout your entire workout session
  • Easy to tear off
  • Leaves no residue
  • 38mm x 6.9 meters on each roll

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More Hook Grip Tape for your money, our popular pink thumb tape now comes in a 3-pack.

We’ve worked hard to develop this hook grip tape and have successfully introduced an even better adhesive, making it even more impressive.

Why pay for tape you don’t use? Our new version is 38 mm wide instead of the usual 50 mm. But don’t think that means less performance. On the contrary! The narrower format makes it even more flexible and adaptable to your needs.

We’ve worked hand in hand with our athletes, the real heroes, to create tape that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Of course, it’s also gentle on your skin, prevents chafing, and the new improved adhesive technology provides an even better grip.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and discover why our athletes love this updated version. Same performance, smoother design – because we know you deserve the best!

38 mm x 6.9 meters per roll – there’s no doubt that this is one of our most sought-after gym accessories!

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